Portable ultrasonic flow meter

Portable ultrasonic flow meter

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FT221 is a full function handle transfertime ultrasonic flow meter. No matter you want to quickly verify the flowreading of another meter or to data log flow system values over an extendedtime period, the FlõwT’s FT221 is the suitable tool. The FT221 portable meterhas the clamp on transducers no tapping or cutting is required, just clampoutside of the pipe. The meter can be easily moved and installed in differentpipe and convenient to carry site to site. Its portability makes it anexcellent choice for measuring flows throughout the plumbing infrastructure toverify sensor, pump and valve performance.


1. Easy to install, reduced installationtime and cost.

2. No pressure head loss, No moving partsto maintain or replace.

3. BTU function is an option. FT221 couldbe used as a portable ultrasonic energy meter.

4. Powerful data storage and also supportthe data sheet analysis software.